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The e-commerce.

How do you configure 0 that is not free, but allows shipping ?


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Hey Russel,


Let me see if I have this correct...


The items have no weight.

The customer is charged for shipping.

Simply needs to be processed through the shopping cart.


WOW you're selling air with no container! Just kidding :P


What shipping method are you using?

What is the weight of the shipping material (box, packing, etc...)?


In your Admin Panel go to Configuration > Shipping/Packaging and set the "Package Tar Weight" to whatever your shipping materials weigh (example 1.00/one pound). Also set your maximum package weight you will ship to a relatively low weight (example 2.00/two pounds).


You can try setting the products weight to 0.00 or even 0.01.


That way when the products get processed through the shopping cart, at least the order has the weight (say 1 pound) of the packaging material. If you have to use a weight of just 0.01, it is really low and would take 100 products to equal a pound.


That's all I can think of, hope it might help!

- :: Jim :: -

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