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Potential big problem thanks to server issue


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Hi guys


Sorry to post a new topic but i have searched for this to no avail...........


My hosting company has been having 'server issues' for the past 24 hours. Ive been onto themand they say it is difficult to determine when it will be fixed.


I have been regularly checking my site and it is 90% of the time 'unable to connect to database server', which is fine as i know they are working away. 10% of the time i check and it is online.


Today i have been on to see how things are and i have been getting the usual 'unable to connect etc'........ but when it is back up for the 10%, I am now getting the following message, which i have a feeling is not a good thing:


145 - Table './shop/sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired


select value from sessions where sesskey = '1e849fde94a05585f53017cac01fe335' and expiry > '1229376816'






now im assuming this is related to the server issue, and im trying to figure out what it could mean. has anyone experienced this problem before?


any info would be useful as it is the week before xmas and i need to be open!


cheers guys,


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