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Php5 looms ... livelihood at risk


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As my host warns of the impending death of php4 at the end of this year, I have been researching upgrading osC and have become completely confused and concerned about a website that has fed me for 4-1/2 years.


As I understand the upgrade instructions, I am supposed to install in a new directory and forfeit years of climbing the search engines to page one? I can not believe this is the solution.


As osC is missing many basic necessities, I have modified the shop with multiple contributions. Am I to lose all these as well?


Is there an easy answer for someone who is a retailer, not a programmer?


Will my site die when my host disables php4? :angry:

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Will my site die when my host disables php4? :angry:


Making the jump to mySQL 5 is not all that bad. I can understand your concern.


My suggestion is that you create a new testing domain with your host on a php5/mysql5 enabled server and copy your current site into it. Perform the upgrade instructions and see if everything including your contributions still work. If they do it should not be too difficult for your host to point your current domain to your new mysql5 compliant website.


The upgrade to mysql5 has nothing to do with affecting your ranking, etc. In fact this should be pretty transparent to users and search engines. Not sure where you are getting the "new directory" idea from. Everything stays the same. Just more secure sql and faster.

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As they say do in in a new directory on a copy of your current site.


Get it working and then move it back.


Only thing you will need to take care of is not to overwrite your configuration files.


Last time I did it took less than 4 hrs. Copy the site onto an xampp installation on your pc, install a copy of the db, make modifications and then you can test it in an sql5 environment.



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