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Whats wrong with this picture


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Hi all I have a perplexing issue. I don't quite understand why I have tons of visitors yet their not converting to buyers. If some of ya'll could look at my site and provide some feedback that would be greatly appreciated The site is: The Gift Haven


Thank you in advance,




Why is that green box for right column showing up under the header? It's pushing the products all the way down the page. I think that should be fixed.


Get rid of the date in the footer and the blue bar, it doesn't match & the date is unnecessary. Also, all the footer info is kind of in the middle of the page, then you have a continuation of left column going all the way down past that. The info at the bottom of left column is a little jumbled up, maybe distinguish some text in there by using bold or a different color font - like bold red for an accent to get attention & you also have a typo or two, do you see...

Christmas is Coming!

It's time to buy Chirstmas gifts for your family and friends,

choose from over 2000 great christmas gift ideas.


And see I made a link there, just to give a easy click into Christmas gifts.


I think your template got a little messed up, just needs some tweaking to fix.


All of that of course prolly has little or nothing to do with converting visitors. How do I convert visitors? is like the million dollar question.

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Mardok, I try to figure out your problem and once I enter your site, it gives me the kind of feeling that it's not so festive as a gift "heaven".

You can add a background for the homepage, and change the layout,like putting the products pics up in the middle of the site,creating a flash to show Christmas gift.Pictures are always more attractive than text.

You can create a box to highlight "log in" or "register" instead of putting them on the top, it seems unnoticeable now.


a cloud engenders not a storm.....

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Mardok, you may want to consider the book Call To Action by the Eisenberg brothers. It discusses ways to improve online results and has been a big help to us (we are not affiliated with the authors in any way).



"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.

Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."


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It appears so on a 1440x900 monitor. It suggests unprofessionality.






Yes was just going to say that ... in stylesheet.css change your background property to repeat-y ... at the moment its repeating x AND y which is causing it to look like this in widescreen

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for me, the page loads slow enough to make me want to click away from it.


I also to not like the christmas bells/holly going down the sides, it looks like cheesey 90s freewebds site


Your categories can be a little better thought out, i mean, when i look at GIFTS FOR HIM, i would like to see something like "for the sporty guy" "for the techy guy" "for the family guy" ect.. Instead you just have a list of many many products with no orgnaization. When people shop for gifts, they LOVE to see what other people thing a guy like their guy would like


Youve got text that seems of go on for AGES on the left column box that i dont really think is nessecary. You dont really need to tell people christmas is coming in that many words. If you go to big box stores sites, you simple see "XMAS IN XX DAYS - HURRY"


and finally, ALL of your tables are off centered.. thats the FIRST thing that needs to be fixed

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

DO NOT PM ME FOR HELP. My time is valuable, unless i ask you to PM me, please dont. You will get better help if you post publicly. I am not as good at this as you think anyways!


HOWEVER, you can visit my blog (go to my profile to see it) and post a question there, i will find time to get back and answer you


Proud Memeber of the CODE BREAKERS CLUB!!

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$30 automatic shipping charge to Canada is outrageous. What is up with that? Has anyone in Canada ever bought anything from you? If so, did they politely yell at you when they saw the shipping charge? Why 30 dollars?? Do you use UPS? If so, I can see why you think it's an extra 30 bucks, but you can ship it cheaper than that without the crazy charges. Sheesh.


Other than that, you have a wide variety of specials (from dancing santas to screwdrivers) on your front page, which I find disconcerting.... Too much variety right up front makes it look like you are a garage sale store. Even on your category pages, it would look nicer if you sort things a bit...


Also, a thumbnail contribution would be good. It would make the pics a lot clearer.


Do you have a physical store? Do you stock all of this? I just wonder if you have a warehouse, or do you drop ship? No competition here - just askin...


Merry Christmas!



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