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PHP mail() function stopped working


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I have been hosting my osCommerce web site with Lunarpages for years now. Great service! A couple of days ago (maybe week or 2) my osCommerce shopping cart stopped sending all order pending, processing, and all other emails. It does not send any Emails any more. I have not changed anything for months. After spending many hours trying to find a solution, I found this test php script:

$TO_ADDR = "target@email.com";		 // target email address
$FROM_ADDR = "my@email.com";	  // my email address
$MESG = "From: $FROM_ADDR\r\n";
$MESG .= "\r\n";
$MESG .= "This is a test\r\n";
if (mail($TO_ADDR,"Testing",$MESG,"From: $FROM_ADDR"))
echo "Mail function succeeded<br/>";
else {
echo "Mail function FAILED<br />";


After replacing target and my@email.com with correct email addresses, this script keeps on failing.


I also noticed that at the same time I could not send mails from Outlook any more. I easily fixed this be checking the "My server required authentication box". I suspect Lunarpages have changed something in their server to prevent hack attacks via this function. Any help would be much appreciated!

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