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Banned IP


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I'm not sure how to answer your question completely, but one thing I would like to point out, some IP banning will also ban others who share part of that IP... I don't know if this happens with oscommerce or not, but it has on other scripts I have used. People in the general area of the person I had banned wrote and said they'd been banned when it wasn't supposed to be them in the first place. I'd also like to know myself if osc does this before I try banning anyone for anything. Not that I expect to have to mind you. :)

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And even if you did know most people are on dynamic ips anyway. Even if it's an attacking server it will have more than one ip to attack you with. If its an hacker outfit they could have an endless number.


IP banning in my opinion works ok for recognised attacks .. short term .. but even then I set the system to free the ip after x days or it just clogs up the server.

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IP Banning is completely useless, unless you know exactly what an individual IP address is doing in/to your site. So how are you tracking IP actions?


Well frist I guess I should of said I was using a ip trap......


and this is what it does ........


works by setting a trap for bad robots, and snoopers.

They follow a link supplied in the Robots.txt (cutomers will not see it) when they enter the folder they are automatically sent to a banned page, thier IP number is added to a file if they ever come back to your store then the software recongises then and all they see is the banned page. you get an email each time someone is banned

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