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hey all,


I am new to the forum and I am creating a webshop for selling comic books.


I would like two boxes in the left column:

- one box which displays all the letters of the alphabet and if you click one it will go to a page were all the comics are displayed starting with that letter

- one box which displays the same but then if you click a letter it will go to a page displaying all the writers of the comics which start with that letter


I was thinking that I have to add a special attribute in the adminpanel so if you create a comic you have the option to fill in the writer. The option product name is already available which can be used for grouping by title.


I was thinking of one idea that would work for only title: create folders in catalog with titles a till z and then in the left column you can click on the letter which shows all the items located in that folder. this works fine only problem is I can't do the same for authors because then I have to add everything double.



By the way here is an example: www.akim.nl on the left you can click on a letter for displaying titles or writers with that letter. I would like this featerure on my webshop.

Can someone please help...



Thanx in advance

Greetings Sammie

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