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Unable to Update order status - My 1st real order! Wahoo!


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Hi, I hope someone can help. About 6 months ago I had someone create an oscommerce installation for me. There were a lot of things that I had been promised that never materialised and sadly we ended up being unable to communicate effectively with one another :( The whole thing left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't really bother with the shop and only added a few items. It has sat for many months gathering virtual dust! Today out of the blue we received an order, after I worked out what was happening I was actually amazed and very excited.


My problem is that since I and my web dev fell out I amended the admin login screen to be contained within a password protected folder on my hosting (I did this after reading advice on how to make your oscommerce store more secure) Now when I try to update the status of the order, it fails, I don't get any error message, just a blank screen but the url contains the folder name that I have placed the admin log in page within on my host, could it be that which is causing the failure? it is displaying like so www.mystorename.com/mysecurefolder/orders.php?page=1&oID=8&action=edit&osCAdminID=5a6e1fa9ce1fb23a3a0ca8d3129929aa when I refresh it stays blank and when I navigate back to eth order page the order status is not updated.


Any help would be gratefully received. :-)

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This version should be a log in page over an .htaccess one. from what you describe you have both?


Perhaps you need to check your configure.php file

admin / includes / configure.php



Hi nic I don't really understand the part about ".htaccess", if I'm honest I dont even know what that means, sorry. Originally I renamed the admin folder to something only I would know, then password protected that folder via my web host, so that to get to the oscommerce login, you have to get past the folder password. I checked my configure.php folder and far as I can see the only place that admin is referenced relates to my unique folder name as below -


define('DIR_WS_ADMIN', '/myuniquename/');


define('DIR_FS_ADMIN', '/******/******/****/***.********/admin/'); (I have not amended that one it still points to wherever it pointed to before because the url looked to me to be related to a different admin folder in another part of the server) Is that ok?


Thanks Again J

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