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Confirmation email....


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Hi there!


I'm just wandering why I dont get an email of what the customer bougt. I use paypal and they send and email confirming I had a purchase, stating the amount etc.


How can I work it so that I get and email staing the product that was bought etc...I know I can view orders in the admin but would like to recieve an email including the customers invoice...


Any ideas? I'm sure there must be a solution, does'nt seem to be a big problem...


Any help much appreciated!

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There is an option in the admin panel:

Configuration -> My Store -> Send Extra Order Emails To:


Fill in your address in that field and you should get a copy of the email that your customers receive. This doesn't always work with some of the PayPal payment methods however. If orders aren't showing up at all, you probably need to look into the PayPal IPN contribution.

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I am having the same issue of not receiving the emails from the store using Paypal standard. The email address are in the configuration correctly under Send extra order emails to



You must go to the admin/My Store/ and choose "Send extra emails to". I had the same problem, use the solution suggested in the post before yours, and it works awsomely.

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