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Transferring site... Need database advice


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Hi, I'm transferring a somewhat large database file... about 3.5 megs. PHPMyAdmin (through GoDaddy virtual dedicated server) only allows 2000 KiB files.


What are the suggestions for working around this? I know you can break up an SQL file but have never done this before. Any good walkthroughs around? I can't find one that makes sense to a person with limited SQL knowledge such as myself.


On top of that, what "kind" of SQL file does OSC use? I see multiple options for character set, SQL compatibility, etc. through PHPMyAdmin and want to double check these in advance.


Thanks for any help provided. I'm pretty lost here.

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Check on your cpanel backup Generate/Download a Full Backup this can be used for transfering your account to a new server/host maybe it can be used on your new host,


You will find your sql in the folder mysql. ask godady if there are able to use this, so you can transfer your site easily over to them

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I have the databases backed up from my old host. GoDaddy is reluctant to help much because they provide limited support for dedicated servers... Ugh.


Now it turns out that I can't even find the SQL files on the server anymore (the blank ones, that is... still have my backups). This is turning into a mess and I haven't even started with the DNS transfer or email yet...


I'll try pushing on them a little harder to back it up for me. Thanks, though.

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