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Getting the best quality for my thumbnails images.


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I am just starting a new web site selling stamps for co llectors: www.QualityStampsForLess.com. I also post the products on eBay.


How do I get the best quality thumbnails while keeping nice detailed images for my products? Right now, I am scanning usually at 300 dpi and sometimes at 200 or 150 dpi. My product images are quite large, up to 700 pixels in width.


I have been told to reduce the size of the images to get better quality thumnails. What would be a good size?


This may be a very basic question: Should I reduce the resolution for my images to 144dpi or veven to 72dpi? Will this affect the quality of my images and thumbnails on the web site and on eBay?






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Hi, Pierre. You might try this add-on for your thumbnails:


'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library


I haven't used it, but it seems like lots of folks here enjoy it. There are other similar add-ons for optimizing images on your site, have a look in the Contributions.


It is my understanding that 72dpi is standard for web images, although I could be wrong. Higher resolutions provide better quality, but also increase filesize, thereby causing your pages to load slower. Personally, I use 72dpi for anything web-related, higher resolutions only for print media.




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