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Price adjustments acting 'strange'


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It was working fine before,and I didnt change anything I'm aware of but....

When I change a price on my products now and save the change in my admin panel,it does not seem to save it on my actual site.Example:I change a product price from $12 to $8 in my admin panel and it seems to 'take' just fine no error message or anything yet when I update my site the price remains the same with this strange exception:It will show the old price plainly,and right above it will be the new price that is visible but with a line thru it?What the heck does this mean?Thanks for any help


ps-i have tried to edit the prices in both product listing and product option,neither seems to be 'taking' properly

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i found the related post below,but i do not know what the " /catalog/admin/modules.php file" is or where to find/access it from my admin panel?

or the "catalog/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php" I am in my admin panel in the 'file manager' section,is this not the right place to find them to change?



The update of any payment or shipping module attributes failed. I could see the attibutes in the database and edit them manually with phpmyadmin but no changes were saved if I hit the update button in the admin tool.


I figured it had to be a bug or error in the admin tool itself rather than the module and with a little poking I found the problem is with a line in the /catalog/admin/modules.php file.


the line :

while (list($key, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS['configuration'])) {

does not execute on my system, even tho' the syntax looks correct to me!


I simply commented that line out and replaced it with the simple line:


foreach ($HTTP_POST_VARS['configuration'] as $key => $value){

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