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Help configuring paypal on OsCommerce


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I had a heckuva time trying to get confirmation emails from Paypal to even set up a Sandbox account. Once I finally got it set up, I am having trouble getting things to function.


If someone would be kind enough to step me thru what I need in order for it to function, I would appreciate any help.


I have the Websites Payments Standard enabled on OsCommerce, and the following are my settings:


Enable PayPal Website Payments Standard

Do you want to accept PayPal Website Payments Standard payments?





E-Mail Address

The PayPal seller e-mail address to accept payments for




Payment Zone

If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone.



Set Preparing Order Status

Set the status of prepared orders made with this payment module to this value

Preparing [Paypal Standard]



Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status

Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value



Gateway Server

Use the testing (sandbox) or live gateway server for transactions?





Transaction Method

The processing method to use for each transaction.





Page Style

The page style to use for the transaction procedure (defined at your PayPal Profile page)



Debug E-Mail Address

All parameters of an Invalid IPN notification will be sent to this email address if one is entered.



Sort order of display.

Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first.



Enable Encrypted Web Payments

Do you want to enable Encrypted Web Payments?





Your Private Key

The location of your Private Key to use for signing the data. (*.pem)



Your Public Certificate

The location of your Public Certificate to use for signing the data. (*.pem)



PayPals Public Certificate

The location of the PayPal Public Certificate for encrypting the data.



Your PayPal Public Certificate ID

The Certificate ID to use from your PayPal Encrypted Payment Settings Profile.



Working Directory

The working directory to use for temporary files. (trailing slash needed)



OpenSSL Location

The location of the openssl binary file.



Items in BOLD are what are selected or filled out on my shop.


The store (generally) functions as I want it to (still in test now). However, when I go to the checkout when using Paypal, it doesn't do like I kind of expect it to do. It forces me to a login, and I never see an option to pay in it, nor will it take me back to my website, which I think I need it to do in order to know I've got an order.


I would appreciate any guidance that someone who's been thru this before might be able to share or step me thru.


If you would like to see the store, it is at www.riverhousegiftandgourmet.com/shop

it is all in test now.


I would appreciate any assistance.

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