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shopping cart not displaying correctly


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(Tried to delete earlier post as I wanted to add and remove info to try and make more clear)


From some PCs using IE the shopping cart does not work others the site works fine.(I think!)


When I add a product it does not display in the info box (cart contents) on the right column.

If I log in and go straight to checkout the products are there for me to continue with. However if I click on the cart contents it displays 'there are no items to display' and logs me off. I am also therfore unable to amend the cart contents.


The strange thing is the live site does work on one other PC I have in my house using the same version of IE.


History - I have not tried adding anything to the cart for a while or I have not noticed the problem, but have made minor amendments over time.

In June my host provider went to PHP5 which caused a number of files to stop working and required minor changes.

As it works on some PCs and not others it would suggest some sort of local problem or an error that only shows up with certain settings.

I have tried comparing the PCs but they seem to have similar setups, and I have tried clearing cache etc.


I am really struggling on what to do next. My PHP is limited to say the least.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this issue I would be grateful. Not sure if I should post my web address on the board but if someone would be kind enough to email me I will reply to see if it works for you.


I have now seen some posts talking of sessions and cookies and other people suddenly having similar problems but no solution.

When I put force cookies on in the configuration, it appears to start to work but when I go to checkout or 'log in' the cookie usage screen appears stating that cookies are not enabled in my browser and I cannot continue and cannot see how to get past this screen even if the security in IE is set to low.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I have another site that I have had for several years and that I have not made any amendments to apart from a couple of changes in June to make a couple of files work when my hosting company upgraded to PHP5.


This site is experiencing the same issues and does not work on one of my home PCs but works fine on the other.


At least this means it is not a code change that I have done recently and although there must be something different between the two PCs I have no idea what to look for. Even if I did find it I could not change everybody elses PC.


I will check with my hosting company if they have made any changes recently and let you know.

Anybody got any ideas?



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