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Problem with displaying prices with Tax


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I am having a problem with getting osCommerce to display prices correctly with tax. I have set a tax rate and tax group for my products. When I enter the product into the catalogue and enter net price the gross price is automatically changed to reflect the desired tax rate - this is fine.

However the problem arises when I view the product in the catalogue - the product with net price is displayed and at no point (nor at checkout) is the gross price with tax displayed to the customer.

I am not too sure how to change this - I have changed the setting in 'My Store' area but no luck.

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Places to look in Shop admin


Configuration >> Display Prices with Tax




Modules >> Order Total

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found the sollution (for me)


inside the admin panel:





Land / Steuer -> Steuerzonen -> Deutschland (z.b.) -> Alle Länder Alle Bundesländer



"english ^^)

Country / Tax -> Tax zones -> USA -> All Countrys / States

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Thanks for thr tip - I tried that but unfortunatly no luck - it is quite strange as when I enter a product into database and select 'taxable goods' that the net price is changed in the gross price box (below it) to show an accurate price with tax, but as soon as I click on preview the price displayed is the net price not the gross price that was calculated.



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No - I am still having problems with it. I find it very strange how it suddenly stopped working.


None of the above steps work for me - oscommerce calculates the tax in the gross price when net price is entered but only displays the net price without ever showing the gross price (with tax).


It seems to be a common problem.

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I have fixed the problem for my site, I overlooked one step which was causing the problem. For anyone else with this issue please look at this article:




Step 5 fixed my problem.


Thanks so much. I had the same problem as well... osCommerce really does like to hide important things, doesn't it! :)

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