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The e-commerce.

Shopping_cart.php (Script required please)


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As a newbie I tried to remove the clip art image from Shopping_cart.php. So my lesson learned is to ALWAYS make a copy of the script BEFORE I meddle.!!


I would appreciate it if a member could copy their script/code in its entirety fo shopping_cart.php



Many thanks in advance



I am using V2.2 RC2 Os Commerce



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Thanks very much for this Gary


I uploaded the php to my server and also installed in it locally Started to shop..clicked on the arrow to take me to the cart and got this message:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class shoppingCart in /usr/home/ktllogis/public_html/includes/languages/english/shopping_cart.php on line 13


I am confused dot com!!!


Can you suggest/point me in the right direction?




I owe you a beer already i know!

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Hi Gary


How much would you charge me to :


a) re-instate my shopping cart

B) Remove ALL the Clip art

c) Sort out the Homepage on my site

d) install the Carousel thingamajig

e) sort out the colours on the infoboxes


I think your books are great( the free ones) but I am not a computer enthusiast more I like the functionality that OsCommerce allows me as a businessman.


Look forward to your reply



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Nothing - as I believe that these things can be adequately done by yourself.


The more problems you have to achieve what you need to achieve will give you a bigger amount of satisfaction when you conquer them (if that makes sense).


a. a reinstall is probably in order

b. .pageHeading img { display: none; } in your stylesheet

c. what's wrong with it?

d. AVOID the Carousel - it's the height of tackiness.

e. .infoBox, .infoBoxHeading, .infoBoxContents - change them in the stylesheet.

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Hiya Gary


thanks for the excellent info.


I will avoid the carousel


will I lose all the information I have uploaded if I do a re-install?


I am making no progress with the removal of the text on the main page. I have tried the " but it just doesnt work. any ideas.?


Once the central pane is clear of text I want to put a graphic of an organic apple in its place and am not sure how I would accomplish that


Do you drink wine or only beer?

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Hiya Gary


I can only find this on stylesheet .css

TD.pageHeading, DIV.pageHeading {

font-family: Arial, sans-serif;

font-size: 20px;

font-weight: bold;

color: #cc9900;



Is this what you meant to remove all my clip art......or do you mean the sheets that end in .php?

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