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Export / Import Customer Orders


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Hi all;


I have a situation I was wondering if anyone can help with. I've built a new website for my business and I'm trying to figure out a way to export my current list of customer orders over into the new website before closing the old site down. I don't want to import the entire database into the new one as it contains contribs that I don't need. Is there any way to just export/import the customer orders?

Any suggestions?


Happy Turkey Day,


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I am using phpMyAdmin 2.9.1 provided by godaddy.com to access my database and I don't know what you are using but when you are using export utility, you should be able to export single tables in your case: Orders, OrdersProducts, OrdersStatus, or any other Order tables.

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You will also need customer, addresses, order status the list goes on.......


Might be best to copy over the entire db and remove the tables/fields no longer required.

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Thank you all 3 for replying. Most appreciated. Mike, I to am on godaddy now.

I've exported the following from my old database :



customers basket

customers basket attributes

customers groups

customers info


orders products

orders products attributes

order session info

order status

order status history

orders total


From what I can tell ( the database is still a semi mystery to me lol ) I've imported this files to the new database with the exception of the customers. I'm getting this MySql error


#1054 - Unknown column 'customers_group_id' in 'field list'


Help? Also, this will probably sound like a dumb question, but after importing the above files I should be able to view customers, orders etc via my Admin section yes? Right now I can only see them in the database.


Thanks for your help,


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