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Microsoft RMS Integration


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Hi everyone,


I am hoping to start up a discussion here about what kind of relationship people would like osCommerce and Microsoft RMS to have. I have a brick-and-mortar store using RMS and a website using osCommerce and I was really disappointed that there are very few solutions to connect the two. There is a company out there selling a solution for $1000 or more, but that seemed ridiculous to me. After months of manually updating my web inventory, I decided to write my own solution. So I now have a working link between osCommerce and RMS. My osCommerce inventory and sale prices update when I change RMS, and my internet orders show up in RMS. I would really like to be able to share this with everyone who needs it, but my solution is very personalized right now.


Rather than making a generic solution, I was hoping to get some feedback on what people using these 2 programs actually want and expect to happen when they link up.


Let me know,


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Hi Gretchen,


I am very intersted in linking Microsoft RMS to osCommerce. I would like to be able to have my entire RMS inventory listed on my osCommerce store by pressing a button or running a file or something similar. It would also be convenient if this could happen automatically a few times a day so that my inventory would stay current. If you could post a contribution to do this that would be great. I also wouldn't mind helping with development.





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Hello Gretchen,


I am interested in combining the two. It would be great to have a solution like the one you are using to update inventory and prices. If it was able to alert you when someone makes an online purchase while the store was open that would be a huge plus.


Have you made a contribution and posted it yet? I have limited knowledge in PHP but would be willing to help.


Thank you,


- Jermaine

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I have a client who wants to integrate osCommerce with RMS. I've talked with New West Technologies about their Web Integrator software, referenced in this thread. While that sounds like a good solution, I would prefer to look at your alternative before recommending anything to the client. Have you made any progress in sharing your RMS solution?


Kind regards,


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Hi Gretchen - I, too, am looking to integrate Microsoft RMS and osCommerce. Where are you at on it? Were you thinking of getting a group of people together to move forward? I'd be willing to help. I have alot of experience with SQL Server and .NET Development. I am not as up to speed with PHP, but feel I can contribute.

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