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Barcode Inventory Control & Auto Reorders


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I am trying to configure OSC for our shipping department so they can use barcode readers to reduce mistakes, to keep up to the minute accurate inventory counts, and to automate the reordering process. For security reasons, I cannot allow the shipper to have administrative control through the computer that can change inventory counts for either supplier reorders (+ inventory) or customer orders (- inventory).


Here's how the system will work.


First the shipper gets a hard copy of the order, customer and items.

He then scans the order # barcode on the hard copy to bring up the order in his barcode reader.

Then he scans each item as he places it in the order box.

When he is finished, the barcode reader will notify him of any mistakes.

Once the order is complete, a shipping label and customer invoice will be automatically printed up for the shipper to incude with the order.


I want the barcode reader to confirm the correct customers, orders, order items, item amounts, etc.


Can I program th barcode reader to give the shipper a warning for incorrect, miscounted or missing items?


Can the shipper modify the order through the barcode reader if an item on the order is out of stock?


As the items are depleted from inventory, via barcode readers, and reorder limits are reached, is there a way to configure automatic reordering from suppliers, including payments?


When supplier orders arrive at the warehouse, is there a way to scan the shipment with a barcode reader so the new inventory amounts are automatically inputted to the system without using a computer?


To summarize the main goal is to use the barcode reader to confirm and correct orders and inventory stock in lieu of the shipper sitting down at the computer and manually inputting the information.


Aside from all of this, is their a better inventory control system that incorporates OSC automation?

The ultimate goal is to increase efficiency, to prevent pilferage by the warehouse employees, and to prevent out of stock situations.


Thanks :rolleyes:

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