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Table height not set, but width? Template trouble!


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Okay guys, i'm back at it. With thanks to you all, and some template-help.com research, I found out how to install my new template without losing any data.


Heres a new one. Anyone with TemplateMonster or similar experience, I ask for your help.


I have attached a picture, but you can also check out http://www.levelingpros.com (i am still modifying the template to fit my product market, but for the mean time, yeah, the stock template photos are in place.)


But anyways, if you'll notice, on the website and in the picture, especially if you go farther into the site and break down a product category, my product tables don't line up! It doesn't make any sense, because the top left and right tables are the exact same product, yet the table height is different. I have been digging and diggin into the files, modifying little things here and there, and still cannot find the fix for this.


Also, the gap between the product image, and the short breakdown on the right, is 27pixels. It is controlled using the spacer.gif. I have tried to modify everywhere that 27 is set in the files, and it still has a 27pixel padding/spacer width. If I can make this smaller, I was hoping the intro text would go wider.


Thank you for any input.



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I doodled with the page source in Firefox using the Webdeveloper plugin.


When I changed this code:


							<td style="height: 103px;">



							<td style="height: 153px;">

It all lined up.


Maybe a "typo" in the code?


If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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