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Transaction Cannot Be Processed. Please Help!


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Customers are placing orders, being charged, but the order doesn't show up in the database. There is also an error message given when trying to place the order (http://achatzpies.com/images/screenshot.png). Like I said, they are being charged (by Paypal Website Payments Pro) but no order exists in oscommerce.


The weird thing is, some orders are going through just fine. Can't figure it out, please help!




I tested the store a few weeks ago and everything worked fine, now I can't place an order. Since then, we've added a coupon module and the ability to order without creating an account. I tried to order today with and without creating an account but couldn't either way, and was still charged by Paypal.

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UPDATE - After much testing, I think I've put my finger on the problem. When I place an order and enter in the wrong address(not the address associated with the card I'm using), oscommerce says "transaction cannot be processed" which is good, (that it throws an error, but I wish it gave a more specific error message). Then, Paypal still processes the credit card, but oscommerce doesn't recognized the order. So, we get a customer with a charged credit card but no order.


Anyone got any ideas?

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