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Admin Index Window 50/50%


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Hi Folks


is there a way to change the look of the Admin Index Window of an OSCv2rc2a instalation


at the moment the window (Table) is split 50/50


could someone point me in the right direction to change this to lets say 40/60


hope someone can help

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look in admin / index.php for the code tarting at line 88


if ($col <= 2) {

echo ' <td width="50%" valign="top">' . "\n";



include('includes/modules/index/' . $files[$i]);


if ($col <= 2) {

echo ' </td>' . "\n";



if ( !isset($files[$i+1]) || ($col == 2) ) {

if ( !isset($files[$i+1]) && ($col == 1) ) {

echo ' <td width="50%" valign="top"> </td>' . "\n";


you can see the 50% width tags there.


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thanks for your answers nic, but i have been there as well!! this only changes the size of the perticular table but does not change the 50 / 50 split


in the \OSCv2rc2a\admin\includes\modules\index (this is my testbench)


there are two files customers.php and orders.php which both have a line like this:



<table border="0" width="80%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">


(normaly set at 100%) this has been taken from one of the files i have edited!


no matter which setting you change there is no change to the 50/50 split screen, there must be something in the stylesheet stoping it??


is it because the admin is centered?

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i gues no one is up for this one..... a little to hard to solve???


well just in case no one can solve it, i have changed insted of a 50/50 window (screan) split, into two tables one ontop of the other.... its not bad, but its not what i would like!!

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