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Cant Install osCommerce?


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All my files and everything are uploaded correctly. I can get to the installation page and go through the installation process fine. During the installation, it successfully connects to the database. Once the installation says it has been complete and successful, whenever I try to click on either "Catalog" or Admin Tool" at the end of the installation, it takes me right back to the begining of the installation.


I tried deleting the install folder after it was complete, but when I would try to access the catalog or the admin panel, it would say unable to connect to database server. So Im guessing something in the installation isnt working properly? But I dont know what the problem could be.


Anyone have any info?


Any help is grately appreciated

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UPDATE: I have been messing around trying to solve the problem. I noticed that the configure.php file under catalog/includes does not have any of my database info in it. I manually started to enter the database info and the catalog showed up. But, it was all messed up "Images not showing, links not working etc.".


So Im guessing this is a file permissions problem. During the installation, all the details are not being installed to the configure.php file amongst others.


So, I checked the file persmissions with my FTP and changed them to the required settings. However, they do not stay at the required settings. If I move to a different file or just wait a little bit then check the file permissions again, they are changed. So I think this is my problem. But does anyone know why the file permissions wont stay changed? Or have any input?



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