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The e-commerce.

First osc attempt


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This is my first experience with osc and I must say fantastic!


I've added several contribution: STS, attribute sets plus, actual price, imprint, login ala amazon...

Plus made several personal changes: removed date product added and reviews button, added quantity option...


I'd really like to hear your thoughts on my first osc store located at:




It is still being tested but it's just about ready (I hope...)

(One note: ssl and paypal will be added before the store is made live...)


Please let me know what you think...

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live stores discussed in this channel must be powered by osCommerce Online Merchant and have the "Powered by osCommerce" text displayed on the site.

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Couple observations:


When I went to the "Gifts for dogs who has everything" the picture just was of a basket. Need a real close up shot here.

I mean make that pooch salivate. Think Harry and David such as this Gift Basket:




Why not list a couple special baskets with specific treats. People may not have time to pick out what they want. They just want to click and buy.

Then give them the option of "customizing" their gift basket.


Descriptions are always great but people buy with their eyes. So crisp, clean, up close photos will help.


From the home page when I click on store front I have to click again on another page....why? isn't one click enough. Take me to the "goodies" right away.


Cute shot of you and your dogs. Why not show each item and let Raz and Ziggy tell you their favorites.


Also, on your show schedule keep it up to date. Nothing makes your site more dated than seeing January 2008 shows listed.


Good Luck

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Some infoBoxes do not take the red style, so look in your .css for "table" and make that css entry red like your other boxes. Example is the shopping cart box (when something in cart and you are on the shopping cart page.


Not keen on the "mom n pop" style look/theme. I prefer a more pro look, but I understand that most of your clients will probably like the look.

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I've gone ahead an changed the product table background colors...


burt - Not sure about color changes needed on the cart page?


The theme... Well, that's what my auntie wants...


webmissey - I've tried to tell my aunt to take new pictures, but I'm afraid I'll have to do it myself (my dogs only like about 1/3 of what she sells)


The additional link between the current miva merchant store and the home page was used to relay messages (where she'd be the coming weekend)

When the osc store becomes live, we won't need it anymore. we'll go straight to the store...


anyone - I'm about to setup ssl for this site; is there anything I should do before?




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SSL has now been enabled for the site...


Also changed some colors to match the site better.


Still working on getting new pictures...


Do I need to do anything else before making the store active?

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Can understand the feel but then the square product pisture dont seem to suit. Not sure what you can do there.. Maybe a cartoon background pic that they can be displayed on.. Just a suggestion ;)


Also load times on page graphics seems a tad slow (australia here). And they dont seem to cache from page to page.. Maybe just my end


Did not look right through, but you are getting there

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Site is aligned on the left. in 1440x900 resolution you see the background image repeating on the right.


Red color is baaaad. I get aggressive :lol:


I wouldn't buy probably. If I want to buy something for my puppy, the store must be as lovely as my dog. Green medows and flowers and so.

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I would personally get new pictures of your products as at the moment they don't tempt me.

Also from your contact the cafe page your Enter the Catalog seems to link to http://thecaninecafe.com/promo.htm and then you have to go through a few more links before actually returning to your index page I would seriously look at that.


On the whole though not to bad, keep up the good work.

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