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The e-commerce.

Completed new store is working


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Thanks to all the members who help me so graciously with my store! It just wouldn't have happened without you. B)


My store is up and live, if you have the time / inclination, I would appreciate your comments and advice. I understand that not all the categories are filled yet, and I think one of my baskets still needs some attributes, but I would like to see what you think before I get a boat load of customers.


Thanks for everything, your time, your expertise ... everything!



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A few suggestions for you:


- The header image looks quite blocky - a higher quality image would look more professional - the one on your (non osC) homepage looks much better

- Remove the "stock" graphic images - for example the one to the top right of the centre column on the index page

- The magnifying glass image needs to have a transparent background

- Remove the languages box - it's not needed as you only have one language available

- Ditto for currency box

- Intriguing that you sell the MS intellimouse as well as candles (look at your specials) - Also check your manufacturers box

- I would remove the "category count" in the categories box - it adds a big demand on your server for something that customers don't really care about

- Consider a thumbnail contribution to reduce your image filesize rather than just scaling down images

- When moving from a standard http to a secure https page the store width changes from fixed centered to variable width and gets stretched out - this looks odd

- Add contact address / phone number - it reassures customers

- Consider SEO URLs or similar

- Add meta tags

- Change the copyright notice to your company name

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Valuable feedback, thanks so much. Admittedly, I did overlook the magnifying glass when I did the other buttons, but I wanted to make my own buttons, and haven't gotten to that yet.


My husband does computers, and I haven't gotten to his products yet ... truthfully, I would like to make him his own store, seperate from mine altogether and with seperate databases. I do remember seeing a contribution for something like that, but as yet, haven't done anything about it.


I was working with adding other pages into the Information box. I followed the only reference to doing this that I could find, but it didn't work and nobody has gotten to my deleima yet. I will work on adding further details to that area, including contact information.


LOL ... I wasn't sure that I had done enough changes to ammend the copywrite information.


As for the rest of your suggestions, you are most correct and I will be working on them in the coming days. Thank you so very much for your time and ideas.

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