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Missing Icons


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Icons on mywebsite are missing after I tried to fix other problems relating to the configure.php file. I'm not sure where they're supposed to be and don't know where to look. The ones that are missing are Buy Now, the Flag icons in the Languages box, from inside Cart Contents area- Continue Shopping, Checkout and Update Cart. There may be others I haven't noticed.


I would GREATLY appreciate any help with this. Thank you!

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The buttons are located in both the httpsdocs and the httpdocs/shop/includes/languages/english/images/buttons folder


Both folders are the same content, but some apply to the SSL side of the shop and others to the public side.


I am not sure how to re-attach them for you, but at least you know where to look for them.

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Your changes to configure.php probably messed up the link to the buttons. Use View Source in your browser and look at where it is trying to find the buttons. Compare that to the actual location that Kim gave in the previous post. That should give you a hint about what needs to be changed.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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