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Need Help - Getting Frustrated!


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Having trouble change these three colors in the background - shopping cart text - Notifications text - review text. Also need to change the size of the right column and when I go into application top.php it errors out. Go to www.kingswayfellowship.com.catalog to view.



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Application_top won't do it, as the background areas you're trying to change are inside infoboxes. To maintain the appearance of your left column, you'd ideally want to define a new box class for those boxes in the right column. You can find instructions for doing that here:




If you change the CSS for all infoboxes, you'll end up with the opposite of what you have now, which would be brown boxes on your left (lavender) column, and the boxes on the right matching the brown background. Follow the instructions outlined in the above link for any boxes that will appear in your right column.




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