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The e-commerce.

Please come and discuss my website


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At first, Thanks for all the supporters from this forum, such as contributions we used: Ultimate Seo Urls v2.5.Chemo, dynamic_sitemap v 3.5.5 by jack and HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.0.7 by Jack_mcs.


Our website is : www.officeconsumables.com.au and was be set up in 3 months ago.



But we have 99 unique visitors and 194 visits last month, and no order. and I want to find out the reason.


1, the keywords: we are marketing the keywords,


such as " ink toner Sydney" " canon ink Sydney", we are on the first page by Google search.( as we are a company based in Sydney.)


" toner Sydney" we are also on the first page by Google search.


need to change keywords?



2, the design for the website is for the wide screen, Do you have a problem for the display, Actually I want to the website be viewed with full pages in 16:9 and 4:3, How?


3, the home page, I used the image-link to the relevant products page.


4, SSL installed.


5, prices are lower in the market.




Your suggestions are valuable to us and appreciate.


Thanks in advance!



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Here is my little bit of feedback hope it helps.


I think that for some people it would be difficult to navigate, i.e. The Categories box is dead small were as the Manufacture List is huge I would personally remove the Manufacturer box as you have that great image on the index page anyway linking to the individual manufacturers.


I would also consider changing the layout from the stock layout, it just doesn't grab you it just looks like any other plain website. No offence is meant.

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It's in widescreen.


Get rid of german language at all, if you don't want to support it (and all other languages too, if there are some more), because there are missing textes in german (for me the site loads in german automatically based on IP).


Make a better design.


Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

Google search is not enough! Google Adsense is cheap and probably can attract more people. Make affiliates and banner advertisement. There are agents, who place your advertisement, if you can pay them. If not, just ask some friends to add your banner to their sites. You can also make arrangements with popular fansites (gaming, movies etc) to place your banner. They are probably happy for a bit support even through a free ink cartridge as a present per month. There are very successful fansites on the net, which are made buy young people in their free time.


Make some fake sells. If nothing is in the bestseller box, or in the "people who bought this, also bought that"-box, nobody will buy anything, because nobody wants to buy in a shop, where nobody buys :-P

(General marketing trick in a store: If you have a pile of products ordered in a perfect cubic, nobody will buy it, because they think, it's worthless, because obviously nobody bought one. So you have to make a pile, which seems to miss many pieces. It suggests that the product was bought by many people)


99 visitors won't make you rich. You can count 10% potential customers from your visit, but you need much bigger visitor frequency!


I have sites, which have 20 thousand unique visitors per year (only in hungarian language, so visits are more or less restricted to hungary, which has only 12 million citizens) and growing, but only 600+ are registered. I don't sell anything on those sites, but you see, what I mean. If they would have to pay for something, even less would register.

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