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Wanting help deleting items...


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I am just getting started and have made great progress using info on the forum, but I am stumped on a few items. I want to change the following files that are listed in catalog\includes\languages\english (I realize that many of the mods I want to make will need to be made in other directories or and files):


In advanced_search.php - remove manufactures and date catagories and boxes.


In products_new.php I tried to remove the date and mnfg, Starting on line 16 I changed it from:


define('TEXT_DATE_ADDED', 'Date Added:');

define('TEXT_MANUFACTURER', 'Manufacturer:');

define('TEXT_PRICE', 'Price:');




define('TEXT_PRICE', 'Price:');

define('TEXT_DATE_ADDED', '');

define('TEXT_MANUFACTURER', '');


I also want to remove actual date & move price up 2-3 lines. How do you do that? Note: I am the only manufacturer of items on the website and have made the appropriate changes in the www.domainname.com/catalog/admin section.


In contact_us.php I would like to add our contact info (address, phone, email, etc) in the upper right corner. Also, I want to add a field for the customer to add their telephone number. Any thoughts?


In create_account.php I want to change order of post code to below the state/province (and rename it to Zip Code). I also want to automatically have the “newsletter” box checked.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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