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Shipping Calculation Problem


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Hello all


I'm a newbit to osC, but I am finding my way round a lot of it with support from the contributions and reading the forum. I am having an issue with how I am trying to configure my shipping and I can't find a solution (although I am not even sure that I am searching on the correct terminology!)


So here goes:


99% of items have the cost of carriage included and I have set these to weight 0.00. Therefore using a clever contribution (zeroweightskipsshipping - thanks for this) if an order is completed and the weight = 0, the shipping page is bypassed - customer happy.

However, 2 product lines are small & lightweight and are too cheap to have the carriage cost built in. These are cushions and mirrors.

I want to say: fill a box with up to 6 cushions - pay one price GBP7.00 - so 1 cushion = 1 kg and a box with <6.1kg = GBP 7.00. Same price for carriage if you order 2 or 6. We need to pay the carrier the same cost.


Is there a way to have a table that calculates the weight of the whole order and:

<6.1 kg = GBP7

6.1kg - 12.1kg = GBP14

12.1- 18.1 = GBP21 etc, etc.


I am not even sure that my explanation will help!!! I have looked through a lot of posts, but I am not sure that I have seen a solution. If is already there, could someone post a lnk to the thread / contribution please. If I need to explain it more clearly, please let me know.


Thanks in advance.

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Figured out a bit of a fix - not pretty but it seems to work.

Table rate module let me charge the GBP7.00 I wanted up to the limit of (less than)7kg, then another GBP7.00 for the next 6 kgs so, (less than)13kgs.


I had thought that the table rate module was cost / kg, but it was not.


Thanks for the views. Thought I should post up my solution as others have posted "I have worked it out" and not included the solution and this is frustrating for newbie's like myself.


Tip - make sure Package Tare Wt = 0kg and Percentage Increase for Larger Packages = 0kg.

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