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The e-commerce.

Purchasing a product


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In the purchasing process on oscommerce,

How do i switch the order of the steps "Delivery Information" and "Payment Information" ?


I would like to put "Payment Information" as the first page the buyer sees and choose the payment method.


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I think most people might be put off if they had to pay before finding out if they could have the item delivered directly to the recipient as a gift.


To me it's like some websites that want all your details before letting you know if the prices include VAT or how much P&P will be. When that happens to me I just delete my cart and shop elsewhere!

When all else fails ... RTFI ... then ... GIVE UP!

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Because I created a payment method to bill directly the institution the user wants.

Moreover, i need to know in advance what is payment method chosen by the buyer

to provide the properly information to fill out on the shipping address form.




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I doubt that it's a practical proposition.

As things stand the payment page needs the address(es) otherwise there are blank fields which would automatically cause an error state.

Unless someone else on the forum knows of a way of fooling the current setup you will need an offsite (but not PayPal) method for handling addresses and payments - assuming that there's one that will work that way round.

You may have to go down the Merchant Account route via a bank: Fine if your turnover is high enough, but a killer for the really small merchant!

This may be irrelevent but ...

The only reason I can think of for a buyer wanting to go this way would be to check if he's got the 'account owner' details right during an identity theft operation then he can redirect the goods to himself rather than the one paying the bill!

When all else fails ... RTFI ... then ... GIVE UP!

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