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Error 14


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When I click on confirm order from my oscommerce site it gives me this error for my authorize.net account.


The following errors have occurred.

(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid


Does anyone have any ideas why it doesn't go to my authorize.net payment page.

Thanks alot, Neil

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I'm having the same problem. Have had several phone conversations with Authorize.net tech support.


We are getting this error because we are using the SIM (Server Integration Method) option for credit card processing instead of the preferred AIM (Advanced Integration Method). Using the SIM method, the user (even in test mode) is connected to a secure page on the Authorize.net website where the processing is done, whereas with AIM (assuming that you have your own secure socket layer) the user is not referred to a page on the Authorize.net site. Apparently, because so much is being processed through the A--.net website, there is a delay in their site sending out the confirming emails that is longer than their timeout setting. Thus the error is actually caused by a timeout. The solution is to switch from SIM to AIM as your Authorize.net processing method. This is apparently accomplished by using an oscommerce AIM module, which I haven't yet been able to find.


Does anyone know where to find the oscommerce AIM module for use with Authorize.net?

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I switched over to Aim now and stopped using Sim. So now when I go to confirm order it says a credit card error. Is there a way to link up to my authorize.net payment page that I have customized already for my store. I would like to have it so when somebody finishes their cart, when they go to enter there credit card information , it is on my authorize.net secure payment page. Anyone have any ideas on how to do that?

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