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Dynamenu, horizontal - alignment of submenus?


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Hi. Me again. Sometimes this stuff makes me feel so stupid. Thought I'd take a few minutes this morning to move my category "Dynamenu" from the left column to the header. I was wrong. Actually, the move itself didn't take much, but the tweaking has run into hours. I have it working now, but the sub-categories are dropping down off-center. I'd rather have them drop down centered under the main category, rather than shifted over to the right as they are. See it in action here:




I've checked the CSS, don't think the problem is there. I've checked and tweaked the dm_categories.php "$menu_layer_offset" array several times, and it seems like nothing I change there makes any difference. Here's the code and comments for that, if it helps:


  // Set the three numerical values below to adjust the offset of submenus in
 // horizontal drop-down and vertical fly-out menus. Values adjust the following (in order)
 // Top Offset: # of pixels from top border of previous menu the submenu appears
 // Right Offset: # of pixels from right border of previous menu the submenu appears
 // Left Offset: # of pixels from left border of previous menu the submenu appears
 // if the submenu pops to left (i.e. if window border is reached).  Negative values are allowed.
 $menu_layer_offset = array (0,[color="#FF0000"]0[/color],[color="#FF0000"]0[/color]);


The numbers in red seem to be the logical place to adjust the offset, but nothing seems to happen if I change them. I've tried setting both to the same value, setting one to zero and the other to a value, used negative numbers, and variations of up to 200 in each case, with the same results no matter what I do. For instance, 0, 200, 0 seems to give the same result as 0,0,-200, namely, no change in the position of the submenu. Any help would be appreciated.





PS - The Dynamenu thread is more or less dead, thus the post here rather than there. Thx.

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I want my menu to function somewhat like yours. I want tabs, you can see on my site colortesssalon.com that I sort of made tabs but I want the tabs to change like yours and I have no idea how to do that. pretty much I figured that the tabs will be backgrounds and when you mouseover they would change to another background, same size but different color, then when you click on one it would remain that new color. how the hell do I do this. all I was able to do is set the backgrounds but they dont change and I had to add spaces to each box to make the entire tab clickable, like this

xxxHair Carexxx where the x are spaces... Help me out a little please. I'm not all to familiar with css but I get the jist of it.

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