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The e-commerce.

Is this possible =


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I dont like the standard product attributes, when i put in my options it doesn't stay in the order i put them in.

i.e - happy birthday - happy 4th birthday - happy 18th birthday - e.t.c


It lists the 9th birthday first, then 18th, then 21st, then 10th, then 30th, then 6th, and works it way down to 5 - 4 - and then Birthday,

I need ''Birthday'' to be the 'default', that needs to show up at the top of the list, and work its way up - 1st , 2nd, 3rd , e.t.c.


It doesn't do this.


I did a search on google and found this text =


Write a stand-alone HTML page (of course could be generated server-side by ASP,PHP,CGI,JSP,CF, etc.). This page will be the scrollable list of options. Then have your page where you need the user to select an option pop a smaller window with this page in it. Script it so that when the user selects an option from the popup, that value is passed back to the parent page and the popup window is automatically closed.


I would like my cards to be 'happy birthday' as default and then have a customize button to click on, and then a page pops up with other options to choose from 1st, 18th.........

Is this possible ?

How can i do this ?



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There is a contribution that sorts the order of the attributes that might be of use.

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