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Not receiving emails


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Again a "not receiving emails", sorry.

But I've been looking all day what i can do but my php skills are very very limitated and this is driving me nuts :angry:



The contact_us works fine, i get the emails.


Customers dont receive emails when they register and neither do I when they place an order.

Lost password form dont send email.

I dont receive email send by the admin section.


Actually only contact_us send emails.



My OSC version is 2.2 RC2a

LWS is my host, email config is set according what they display in FAQ, about OSC, which is







I use adress with my domain name.

I have no antispam activated.

Server running windows.


I tried this code to test mail and tep_mail:

// Testing mail -> Fonction tep_mail()
if (tep_mail('my_name', 'receiver@mail.fr', 'Le sujet : Test1', 'attempt with : tep_mail', 'Vehem', 'mymail@gmail.fr')) {
echo 'Mail sent with tep_mail()  ...<br />';
else {
echo 'Mail not sent with tep_mail() . Boooo !!!<br />';

$headers = 'From: mymaill@gmail.fr' . "\r\n" .
'Reply-To: mymaill@gmail.fr' . "\r\n" .
'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion();
// testing mail -> Fonction mail()
if (mail('receiver@mail.fr', 'Le sujet : Test2', 'attempt with mail', $headers)) {
echo 'Mail sent mail() ...<br />';
else {
echo 'Mail not sent with mail() . Boooo !!!<br />';


I get message like only mail is working, but actually I receive both mail, test1 and test2.


What should i modify to enter the same setting as in contact_us to get this work?

I think this is only a little code problem.

But big problem is i dont know where to check and what to change really.


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance! :)

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Ok all i need is the password lost form to send email.


What should i do? change host cause I dont know php enough to indentify and change the code?

Looks like its working usually with everybody.


I found someone who had the same troubles, he didnt find a solution :/


Can anyone help?

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