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Noob question about how to apply contribution patches...


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I see many contributions out there that appeal to me. I have just laid down a fresh install of osCommerce and it seems like the ideal time to implement them is before I start mucking up my site with my own tweaks. But, I'm confused when I go in and look at the individual contributions. Each one seems to have dozens of "sub-patches" and upgrades. In general, do I take the latest one? Or, do I install the first one listed and build on it with each subsequent patch that came after it. Or, do I do something else altogether?


Anyway, sorry to waste your time with such a basic question..... but, I'm stuck.




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Good question. You should always be able to grab the latest version of any contribution and use that. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. Some people post only patches or partial updates to the original code. If there's a support thread listed, go check there, and ask if you can't figure it out. If that doesn't work, the only way to find out is to start with the latest release of that contribution, then work backwards if that one's not complete.


The first contribution you add is usually the easiest, so you might want to pick the most complex one to start with. Things get more interesting as you add more contributions, and the chance of one of them needing to change something that's already been changed by something else increases.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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Word of warning, the latest full package is not always the best.


... OK.... that officially piqued my interest. Do you have any rules of thumb for determining the best version? Are the discussion boards the best place to go to determine which version? Or, do I just go with a trial and error method?


I'm OK with HTML and CSS, but my PHP background is quite limited.... so, I'll be flying blind if I get too far in the woods with some of those patches. Might I be better off just avoiding some of those that are quite large and complex (since my skill level will not allow me to dig my way out)?


Thanks.... I guess I'm just looking for "rules of thumb" that people generally follow when they evaluate the contributions.


Thanks again!


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