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The e-commerce.

Airsoft Store


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you have got a 5 star rating so i guess i dare not to comment. :)



commercial support - unProtected channel, not to be confused with the forum with same name - open to everyone who need some professional help: either PM/email me, or go to my website (URL can be found in my profile).

over 20 years of computer programming experience.

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It looks great, you should be proud. Very nice. The only thing is it was a bit wide for my screen so I had to scroll over a bit, and most sites aren't... Dunno if that means anything.


And I think my finacee wants to do some shopping, so it's good you ship to Canada!


Edit: Now I looked again and didn't have to scroll. I may be losing it... But the bottom part looks a lot narrower than the header, so the tables look out of alignment.

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i think the "table reflection" on your buttons doesnt need to be there.. Seems to me like its out of place.. ESPECIALLY since you have that Shipping and Returns button that doesnt look good with it. I think they would look cleaner if you just kept them without the reflection


You should have a VVC in your contact form to avoid spam in your inbox


Some of the images onyour product info page are REALLY small!!! make them bigger! and it looks messy because you have TWO "in stock" buttons.. I would get rid of those to begin with.i would THINK you wouldnt have it up on your store if it wasnt in stock.> Maybe put the ADD TO CART where the in stock button is under the image


BTW, i just wanted to tell you.. tonight is "mischief night" here in Connecticut.. Its the night before halloween where all the teenagers go out and be destructive.. anyways, we defended our house with an airsoft gun and a few paintball guns!! they came in handy tonight!

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

DO NOT PM ME FOR HELP. My time is valuable, unless i ask you to PM me, please dont. You will get better help if you post publicly. I am not as good at this as you think anyways!


HOWEVER, you can visit my blog (go to my profile to see it) and post a question there, i will find time to get back and answer you


Proud Memeber of the CODE BREAKERS CLUB!!

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I live in the country and still suffer dial up. It took almost 2 minutes to load home page. The header was the last to load which I think is very bad. Is the flash necessary there? You could move some from column left to column right it would make more info visible without scrolling and would only use some of the white space . Product info - 2 instock buttons???

Product listing I would use add to cart button since many items/accesories customer does not need more info for - they know exactly what they are looking for.



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Site Review for: East Coast Airsoft


I suggest that you install the Search engine friendly URL module. Search engine friendly URL's convert your store URL's from:




This allows search engine spiders to craw your website easily converting convoluted PHP extensions to URL's that are rich in keywords. For more information please visit the link below:



A site map makes it easier for indexing spiders to find all of the content on your site. Search engine spiders or bots have a hard time following links that use JavaScript, like mouseovers. A site map with a collection of plain text links to all pages can make it easier for more pages of a site to be included in a search engine index. Consider installing the following module:



In order to further customize your website, all existing osCommerce logos/icons should be replaced with new logos/icons or removed. The following module can be used as a starting point:



Sometimes simpler is better. Presenting lots of information to users often leads to confusion. I suggest that you reduce the number of infoboxes located within your store. For example, often the currencies and language infoboxes can be removed if only US dollar and English are being offered as options.


Navigational menus should not contain images. It is suggested that you use a CSS stylized list for navigational menus. Search engine spiders have a much easier time crawling text web links rather than images.


The provided osCommerce counter is not accurate and counts page refreshes as new visitors. For more accurate user statistics it is suggest that you refer to AWStats if provided by your hosting company. In addition, consider signing up for Google Analytics.


The standard format for US addresses is: Street Address, City, State, Post Code, and Country. I suggest that you move the Post Code field below the State/Province field on both the signup and address book entry edit page. (create_account.php, address_book_process.php).


A Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human. The main purpose of CAPTCHA is to prevent spam. I suggest installing this module. In addition, if your contact us page contains email addresses, consider removing them. For more information please visit the link below:



I suggest switching to an Amazon style login example here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/sign-in.html This form of login in my opinion is very familiar to many online shoppers. For more information please visit the link below:




Site Errors:


This page contains both secure and nonsecure items.





Your main page expands to wider than your header banner. Consider fixing. I never recommend using flash for navigation. Also, I would add in a breadcrumb so that your users can find their way back from where they came from. The images for the following products on the mainpage are broken: ICS Battery & Charger Kit and G&G Battery & Charger Kit [iCS Bat].



Andrew's Overall Score:

64/100 = 64%

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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