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help me!


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ok so i want to change the picture in the right hand corner to something else how do i do that? also the color of the box next to it that contains home, check out, ect. i dont want that blue. underneath that is a categories box in maroon how do i change that color? and in the categories there are little arrows pointing at then how do i get rid of those? on the home page there are details and add to cart and the blue strip with the name of product i want to change those colors as well. ive been playing with some of the codes thats why all writing is in red i am seeing what changes what but cant locate the ones i am asking about.ok one more thing how do i make the site take up the whole page? i think its to small just in the center? i know this is a lot and if i need to enter post a topic for each just let me know. ive been reading thru alot of post, but i guess i just dont understand. thank you carrie

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Look at the links my signature below. They will give you a place to start.



in the how to? what is a breadcrumb? i am going to mess with all of these things tonight to see if i can get anything the way i want it! thanks for the in for. the first link i have already seen, that is how i change some of the things already. i wasnt to add boxes ( i guess thats what they are called ) for shipping, a size chart and things like that how do you do that? here is my site so you can see what i want to change i forgot to add that last time. www.dreamlingerieonline.com

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