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Update version 2.2-MS2 to 2.2-RC2


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Hello All,


We have been asked to look at and sort out an OScommerce installation.


As far as I can tell, the installation is Version 2.2-MS2 with the 060817 patch applied.


It is running on a server with PHP Version 5.2.0-8+etch13


This shop currently has only about 25 products and about 25 previous customers with their orders, so, not a huge database of information.


What would be the easiest?


Going through the upgrade procedures to take the installation from MS2 -> RC1 -> RC2 (Ie, go through the upgrade twice...)




Install a brand new installation and import the database from the old installation?


We are going to be giving the new site a new template etc, so no need to preserver the template files from the old installation.


We would just require the users, products, orders, module settings, localization settings etc etc bringing across database wise.


It would seem to me that it would less time consuming to import the database into a new installation, that upgrade an older one twice?


Has anyone any thoughts or comments or tips on this?


Is the database structure the same with both versions? Will the older one just import?


I would very much welcome the thoughts of the OScommerce gurus :)






Edit - sorry, just noticed I should have posted this in the installation section rather than General - Sorry

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The only reason to upgrade the files would be to preserve any changes made to them. If that doesn't matter, then just install a new RC2 shop and use the old database, after applying the changes to it as described in the update file.



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Thanks Jack :)


So, my procces as far as I see it is now...


1. Install latest version in a test account - Done (Installed and have running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a.)


2. Exported existing dbase from old installation and imported this into another test dbase. Done


3. Run dbase upgrades from 2.2-MS2 -> RC1 -> RC2 on this test database.


4. Export test database, now updated to latest version, complete with store contents etc to new installation.


Should then have the latest store files with the latest database with the customers/products etc intact.


OK, am now figuring out how to update the database with the patches.




Livesol :)

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