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Wishlist doesn't display with Autologon contribution


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Hi, everyone. I have installed Autologon contribution and it seems to work OK except for two things:


1) Products can be added to wishlist, but next time xutomer comes in through an autologin and click on "My wishlist", his wishlist is empty. But if he logs in through a normal procedure, supplying his e-mail and password, then his wishlist is OK. So, items are being added to wishlist, but are not being displayed if a person is autologged in.


2) When customer logs in and then leaves the site and comes back, he is not automatically logged in on the first page. Only after he clicks on some product, he is then automatically logged in. Why is that?


Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?



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Well, my problem with the wishlist still remains. I can't understand, why if the customer is autologged in, his wishlist is not dispalyed. But if he loggs in in a usual way, wishlist is there. I would really appreciate if anyone could help.

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I did find a solution, and will post it in case anybody else needs it. In /includes/functions/autologin.php around line 77




$cart->restore_contents(); // restore cart contents




$wishList->restore_wishlist(); // restore wishlist


And it works! By the way, I have Autologin Secure (2004) installed, and it works fine. I couldn't get the newer one to work.

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