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Store as main index? Config file?


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Hey guys. You've been plenty help before, and I greatly appreciate it. I was hoping for a little more help on something very simple.




Thats the link to my store. How can I make levelingpros.com go directly to the store? Do I mess with domain forwarding, a re-direct page? What's the best way? I'd really like it to go to the main index.html but I guess it can't do that since all of the support files are under the store folder.


Also, that stupid config file security issue. I have tried setting the securities on it for it to go away. I was able to remove the other error. Can someone please tell me the easiest/best way to get rid of that config file security error at the top?


One last thing. My store is setup to accept credit card and paypal. I have attached a picture. In my options, I only chose Amex and Visa/Mastercard. How can I add a note, or option, or something so that they understand once they're at that page, the only credit card options are Visa, Mastercard or American Express? Here is a picture of what that page looks like.




Thanks guys. I really appreciate anyone who will help out.

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You can set up a redirect page from your root domain's index to point to your storefront's index. You could also copy all the osC files and folders to the root directory, in which case I think you'd only need to change your config files to point to the proper places. I could be wrong on that one, someone with more experience can confirm or correct me.


I also had a couple run-ins with that config file error. IIRC I had to use my cpanel file manager to remove the write permission(s), doing it from the FTP program I use wasn't working.


I'll totally guess on the CC info thing, too, and prolly get corrected by someone. ;) Open includes/languages/english/modules/payment/cc.php (or the proper processor page, if you're using a plug-in or some other module for your CCs)


  define('MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER', 'Credit Card Number:');

or the corresponding line on your page, add your little note after the CC# part, like


  define('MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER', 'Credit Card Number: (Visa/MC/AmEx only)');


I dunno, that may be the total hack-n-slash ghetto technique, but I'd try it. Just make a backup copy of the file you're modding, and if it doesn't work, switch back real quick. :blush: Seems to me that the CC payment should include a drop-down to select the type of card, but I don't use that feature, so I wouldn't know for sure.


I'm a newb, so take anything I say with a grain of salt, I'm just trying to give something back to the community, help if I can. I've received more than my share of help.




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