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Google Checkout AND Google Checkout IPN - together


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After much frustration over not being able to use Discount Coupons with Google Checkout...I broke down and installed Credit Class/Gift Voucher AND Google Checkout IPN. I couldn't create coupons in Google, either, as I use merchant calculations. I tried it once and they sent me a warning letter to delete them and knock it off. LOL.


The Google Checkout IPN module is the one that is designed to appear on your checkout_payment page. From there, a customer can redeem a coupon (thru CCGV) and proceed to checkout with Google Checkout IPN.


I've always had the 'other' Google Checkout mod. The one where the buttons for it only appear on your login and shopping cart pages. That was the rule in the beginning, but GC has since 'relaxed' their policies regarding placement of GC. I expect they had to, really. It hasn't taken off as they had hoped. Anyway...


I had my first order this evening thru GC IPN. The customer used a coupon code and it worked brilliantly. I received the GC order notification email...customer received the same. Stock was subtracted and her cart was emptied. Regular buyer...she's been emailing me back and forth about the experience.


But, her order never got updated beyond my default setting of Pending in Admin>Orders. I finally went and logged in to my own Google Checkout account and her status was ready to be charged. In other words, it wasn't communicating back to my website...the order status change. Then it hit me...GC is communicating with the wrong file! I checked out Who's Online and there's GC all over the responsehandler.php page, when it SHOULD be (via the IPN module) on the google_ipn.php page. THAT's why her order never got updated.


My question is: could I assign the same file, either of the two I mentioned, as the callback URL in my Google Checkout account and be able to use both versions of GC in my website? Does anyone have both and if so, what changes need to be implemented? Could I possibly even create more than one Google Checkout account for the same website, in order to use both modules?


- Andrea

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"That was the rule in the beginning, but GC has since 'relaxed' their policies regarding placement of GC."


I hope you have that in a email from them as if not they will/can stop your GC account without notice.

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