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OSC and Flash question - (Flash osC with active Content Module)


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Can anyone offer help with the Flash OSC Active Content contribution?


This is a contribution that loads the session id (osCsid) on links clicked within a flash movie so you maintain session id's through visiting the site if clicking on a link from within flash.


I have it installed but have the following issue: When someone first enters the site, the links in the flash video do not work. However, if you click a true OSC link (i.e. home, my account, etc) and allow the site to create the session id, then hit the back button or home button the flash links now work and will work thru the entire site visit..


I'm assuming its because the session id never gets set when you first enter the site, but the code in the flash contribution is suppose to take care of this but it doesn't.


this is code that loads in the fla file on scene 1 (this code appears for each link):


onFrame (1) {

var BASE = "https://shoplivegreen.com/";

if ((osCsid != undefined) && (osCsid != '')) {

// if the variable osCsid has been defined and it contains a value (not empty), we

// will load the flash_variables.php file with the session id appended at the end

// of the URL.

loadVariablesNum(BASE + "flash_variables.php?action=flash_variables&osCsid="+osCsid,0,'POST');

} else {

// if the variable osCsid is undefined or it is defined but contains no value (it is

// empty) than we will load the flash_variables.php file without the session id

// so that osC will generate one for us and pass it back.

loadVariablesNum(BASE + "flash_variables.php?action=flash_variables",0,'POST');


// Here we say that when a user clicks on the "Home" button it will perform some actions:

sprocket_btn.onRelease = function() {

trace("The user has pressed the home button w/ sID: " + osCsid);

// load the index.php file with session id attached.

getURL("product_info.php?products_id=13?osCsid=" + osCsid);

//getURL("For-The-Home/c3/p13/Double-Sprocket-Clock/product_info.html?osCsid=" + osCsid);




The weird thing is that I made a standard HTML file with ONLY the flash video in it and put it in the root of my site and it works perfectly.


Here is the link to the main page of the site: www.shoplivegreen.com


Here is the link to a working stand alone html file: www.shoplivegreen.com/flash_intro.html


Any help is appreciated.






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