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The e-commerce.

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Hello, guys


Have a look at our shop - http://www.goodpresents.net


I with my mother are trying to start our own business with that shop and find a financial independence.But there is a problem.We are from Russia and don't know how to SEO properly our site in foreign Internet.Our Russian version is a clone of http://www.goodpresents.net .It's domain - http://www.hkelectronics.net The differance is only in languages.


SEO now is a main headache problem for us (both including SEO in foreign and our internet).Can you give us several advice for improving positions of our site, what can be useful and so on.We've put much effort in this deal and now we are facing the main problem.It's a pain to think if it all was in vain.


Sorry that it's not according to the topic, but nevertheless...


We will be glad to hear any useful advice!!! :)




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Your site doesn't comply with the rules for asking for feedback:


In addition to the forum rules, live stores discussed in this channel must be powered by osCommerce Online Merchant and have the "Powered by osCommerce" text displayed on the site. Not only is the osCommerce solution being used, but valuable feedback will also be presented by the osCommerce community.


If you come across a post not related to an osCommerce powered live store, the live store not having the "Powered by osCommerce" text, or the live store breaking the forum rules of presenting osCommerce related services (eg, web hosting), please report it so it can be deleted.

Read the rules before posting.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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