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Create custom tables in database on install?


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I've tried searching for an answer to my question, but my search terms are simply generating too many false leads.


I am doing some customization of osCommerce and I want to create some custom tables in the osC database.


I was pretty sure that adding my tables through catalog/install/oscommerce.sql was the way to go, but I'm not having any luck getting the new tables instered into the database on an install.


Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?



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i've done this same thing before - and i did it by adding the tables to the oscommerce.sql file. it worked fine. if you can describe specifically what is or is not working i might be able to help.


one thing to note, however: when processing the oscommerce.sql file, the installer breaks up the file into separate commands separated by semi colons. i had a semi colon in a comment within the file and that caused a problem.

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Thanks for the reply.


Out of frustration I've deleted all instances of oscommerce.sql I can find and the DB is still getting created with the default tables, so I'm guessing h-sphere is doing something different when it installs osC.


I guess I'll have to start poking around somewhere else (like my eye ... with a sharp stick).

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Well, it turns out that the oscommerce.sql file that is controlling the database installation was residing on a completely different server from where the osC tarball is residing.


Just goes to show that IT is not my specialty :)

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