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Deciding category structure - advice please?! :-)


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Hi there,


I keep tying myself in knots trying to decide upon the structure for my products and categories, in order to best get a menu structure i want! i was wondering if anyone has advice as to what would be easiest please.


I shall be selling movie and film memorabilia, such as keyrings, rulers, presentation displays etc etc. I wish to have a couple of menu structures to make items easy to find. First:


Menu sorted by Genre, then expanding each genre to A->F , G -> L etc, with a show all option under each genre.

Menu sorted by item type (keyring, presentation, ruler etc), then with the same A->F, G-L etc with a show all option under each type.

I will have a search box where people can just type the film name.


How best should i structure my categories, and can i easily achieve the above? I was thinkint Cat 1 is each Genre, within those Cat 2 is A->F etc, finally keyring, ruler etc etc, with manufacturer as film title. Would this work? Could i achieve the menu's as above with this?


Appreciate any advice, it's tricky!



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