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Stock Levels Not Updating!


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I have had a search around and cant find any information that has helped fix the problem yet.



Basically when anything is purchased from my oscommerce shop the stock levels are not updating all of a sudden. This has happened before and I worked out it was because of negative values in the database so I manually went through and adjusted the values using phpmyadmin and everything worked find again, but not for long...


Now its still not adjusting stock levels, but there are no negative values in the database so Im now at a loss as to why this isnt working. Im prepared to go through and manually update the database again if needed, but Im not sure what is causing the problem or how to fix it.


Has anyone come across this problem, if so how do I go about fixing it? I should mention that the paypal side of things works fine, the status updates without a problem and all that, its just the stock level never changes.



Any help would be appreciated!

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Go to Admin-->Configuration-->Stock. Make sure that

Check Stock Level = true

Suctract Stock = true


Yeah I've got it set to that already. Im starting to think its to do with paypal IPN so im going to check what version I have and see if it needs to be updated.

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Ok I think its definitely linked to the Paypal IPN module but I cont find the answer anywhere!


I have the contrib IPN 2.4.5 installed

PHP 4.4.4

MySQL 4.1.22-standard

Oscommerce RC2


The admin side is set up correctly and I receive the invoice details in admin but no cofirmation email and the stock level doesnt decrease


Weird thing is that sometimes it does decrease, and sometimes it doesnt and the only thing I can think is that its when people dont return to the site after paying in paypal. I have found this mentioned many times in the forum but havent found any fixes aside from the 'troubleshooting' list thats on the instructions with contrib. I have tried all of these and still have no idea why its not working.


Should I just give up now and change to paypal standard (by the way what is the difference between the two modules exactly?)


Does anyone know how to fix the issue? I cant leave things as they are or I will loose track completely of my stock levels


At this point Im thinking of paying someone to look into this for me, but if I would prefer to fix it, or at least to understand why it doesnt work and have someone fix it for me.

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