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The e-commerce.

I need to be able to list products status in my cart


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I have some products I keep in-stock, some I never stock but can special order, some that are in the system but preorders etc.


I need to be able to display the appropriate status for each item.


If the items in-stock, I need it to say in-stock.


If it's out of stock, I need it to say out of stock


If its special order, I need it to say special order


if its a pre order i need it to say preorder


if its back order, I need i to say back ordered.


I need all of these to allow customers to still buy though so they can get in on special orders, preoders, back orders etc.


Does any contribution allow this?

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Boy getting help on this forum is next to freaking impossible.


As long as I've been a member here i pretty have have to make a post then make another post saying something like what I'm saying now to get anyone to actually help.


So, that being said, my above questions, anyone have any ideas?

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