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Vulnerability Testing - Help Needed


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Hi there, I've recently been vulnerability testing our site and have come up with the following information which is causing concern:


Syntax Check: /pentest/scanners/nikto/plugins/db_realms

ERROR: Possibly invalid method: ><script>alert(foo)</script>” on (“003410”,”20954”,”4”,”/shopadmin.asp?Password=abc&UserName=”><script>alert(foo)</script>”,”GET”,”<script>alert(foo)</script>”,””,””,””,””,”VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.50 shopadmin.asp UserName Variable XSS.”,””,””)


My concern is that shopadmin.asp doesn't appear within the OSCommerce file structure (and I've checked all files on my server as well as searched through the code within my OSCommerce pages) and clearly has nothing to do with OSCommerce as far as I can see, which leads me to ask the question - has the site already been cracked and somewhere this page is being generated (if so, has anyone any idea where I should start looking?)


The other vulnerabilities listed where to do with XSS and SQL injection attacks, primarily linked to the advanced_search.php and advanced_search_result.php. I've implemented both security patches as listed in the forums to combat these, although the problem still seems to be occuring.


The testing takes a fairly long time to complete, so other areas may still flag up - however if anyone has any information or ideas about the above please let me know



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