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The e-commerce.

I want to make a new local pick-up shipping module


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I tried the Local Delivery Service addon and the Store Pick Up addon and they are great!


However, I would like to modify these two great addons to fit my need.


My need is:

In addition to a choice to make for local pick up service, I want to let the online customers to choose the location for picking up or more precisely, the location where the delivery man and the customers do the trading. For example, a pull-down box lets the customer to choose from a list of Train Station Exits, and a pull-down box lets the customer to choose from a list of meeting time (e.g. 09:00 to 17:00).


My problem is, I don't know exactly which files for me to add such pull-down boxes and have the field input into the orders table (I was able to create new fields called "meeting_location" and "meeting_time" for the orders table). After I add the pull-down boxes I need to know how shall the checkout process "remembers" the chosen meeting location and time and record these into the database upon finishing the checkout confirmation process.


I took a look at the includes\classes\shipping.php and includes\modules\shipping\spu.php (Store Pick Up addon) and includes\modules\shipping\dly.php (Local Delivery Service addon) and /checkout_shipping.php and /checkout_confirmation.php but they don't seem to be the right places for me to add my pull-down boxes and PHP codes for inserting these new values into a new order record.


Please guide me to the right places so that I can continue working on my modifications to these two great shipping addons!


Thanks alot in advance!

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I don't even want to ask.......





I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to set up a free option for shipping for local customers who will pickup from my customer. Then I read this! LOL

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